About the Departmental Library for Anthropology and African Studies

In 2012 the former institute libraries Anthropology and African Philology as well as the Jahn-Library and the African Music Archives were added to the responsibilities of the Central Library and consequently gained the status of a departmental library.

The new Departmental Library for Anthropology and African Studies holds some 50.000 volumes and 56 current journals. The exact number of monographs that comprise the Jahn-Library still has to be determined and can therefore only be researched via the local card index or via a local database. These monographs will be gradually included in the university’s online catalog. In addition, the library holds about 10.000 sound carriers in varied formats (gramophone records, vinyl records, audio tapes, video tapes, CDs and DVDs).

Under "Search for Literature" (German version), you can find detailed information on our search options in the various catalogs and databases. The collections can be used in the library during the library's opening hours. However, because it is a reference library, books can usually only be borrowed for the weekend. For more information on using the library, please consult the library's User Regulations (German version).

In the entrance area you will find lockers in order to store your jackets and bags.

We are always available for advice or information.