About the Departmental Library for Theology

The Departmental Library for Catholic Theology and Protestant Theology combines the collections of the former departments of Catholic Theology and Protestant Theology, which have operated as a single faculty since the 2005 Summer Semester.

This library currently has more than about 221,000 volumes, which are arranged according to the relevant subject classification system. All items have been incorporated into the online catalog since March 2007, which means users can search freely over the internet.

In addition to about 400 current journals in paper format, (of which about 260 are in the journal display rack), users also have access to the University Library's range of about 370 (mostly English-language) theological electronic journals. The University Library's databases can also be accessed.

Under "Search for Literature" German version, you can find detailed information on our search options in the various catalogs and databases.

The Departmental Library's users can expect to find the usual study facilities one would expect at a reference library. For more information, please click on "Our Services on Site" (German version).

Our staff is always ready to help if you have any questions or you need advice.