About the Departmental Library Georg Forster-Building

The Departmental Library Georg Forster-Building incorporates the former faculty libraries for Education, Political Science, Journalism, Art History, Geography/Geoscience, Sports Science and Sociology as well as the U.S. Studies Library.

At present, the library has about 392,000 monographs, which are arranged systematically and can be freely accessed by users. The collections can be searched in the University Library Mainz' online catalog. The same applies to the books in the U.S. Studies Library published after 1993. However, the U.S. Studies Library's old collection has not yet been fully digitized.

In addition to the 572 current journals in paper format, the University Library's large range of electronic journals is also available to users. There is also access to the University Library's databases.

By clicking on "Literature Search" (German version) you can find detailed information on our collections and on the search options for the various catalogs and databases.

The Departmental Library Georg Forster-Building is equipped with 37 computer workstations for internet and catalog searches, two central printers, access to wireless LAN, a reader printer for microfiche and microfilm, six photocopiers and 283 reading spaces. Please note our Computer workstation regulations (German version).

In the entrance area you will find lockers in order to store your jackets and bags. Your Studicard also functions as a key for the lockers. Your locker is available to you for the maximum of one day. The locker must be cleared out when the library closes. Please note our Locker Regulations (German version).

The collections can be used in the library during the library's opening hours. However, because it is a reference library, books can usually only be borrowed for the weekend. For more information on using the library, please consult the library's User Regulations (German version).

We are always available for advice or information.
phone: 06131/39-25664
Fax: 06131/39-25615
E-mail: bbgforster@ub.uni-mainz.de