Borrowing – Requesting – Reserving

Which items can I borrow?

A large part of the collection at the Central Library Mainz can be borrowed, including:

  • Items from the textbook collection and the open-access area
  • The repository collection (with some exceptions)

The specialized library for Medicine and the departmental library for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry also lend literature.

Lending desk opening hours:

Central library
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6 pm

Some types of literature cannot be borrowed:

  • Literature that is required on an ongoing basis (current journals, encyclopedias, etc.)
  • Special materials (films, microfiche, maps, newspaper volumes)
  • Volumes that are very valuable, as well as all books published before 1900
  • Books on inter-library loan which the granting library has only approved for use in the reading room

Such literature can be used in our reading room and, if need be, photocopied.

How long is the lending period?

The lending period is usually four weeks. This period can be extended twice. However, it is not possible to extend the lending period if it has already been exceeded or extended twice, if a book is part of the library's textbook collection or if it has been reserved by someone else.

Which books or journals must I request?

Some books and journals are not freely accessible. Instead, they are stored in the repository. Many of these items can be requested from the online catalog. To do so, click on the "Request" button in the holding information.

In the window that appears next, enter your library card number and your password and send your request.

Literature requested before 4:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday or before 1:00 p.m. on Friday can be collected from the pick-up shelf on the same day and borrowed using your library card at one of the self-issue machines. (Relocated holdings are an exception: you will receive these on the lending desk's next working day). Please see our overview of Pickup Times.



A book that I want has already been borrowed. How do I reserve it?

In the online catalog, you will find a Reserve button (Vormerken) in the holding information for borrowed books.

After clicking on this button, a window will open. Enter your library card number and your password here and send your reservation.

Please note that books from the textbook collection cannot be reserved. Although, for technical reasons, a Reserve button will appear, reservation is not actually possible (message: "Volume not reserved, as the maximum number of reservations has been reached").

We will notify you as soon as the book has been returned. It will then be ready at the relevant library (the Central Library, the Departmental Library for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry or the Specialized Library for Medicine). You can then pick it up from the pick-up shelf at the Central Library within 10 days and borrow it using your library card at one of the self-issue machines.

How do I cancel a request or reservation?

You can cancel reservations in your user account in the online catalog.

Requests cannot be cancelled.

Please contact the lending desk if you do not need books which you have already requested.

What can I do if a book is not in its correct location?

If you cannot find a book in the specified location, there are several possible reasons:

  • The book has been borrowed by another user. If necessary, you can reserve it in the online catalog.
  • The book was borrowed and has not yet been put back. Check back a little later.
  • The book has only recently been purchased and is still being processed. This is often the case with new publications. You should speak to the staff at the information desk, who will be able to reserve the book for you.
  • Somebody has removed the book from the shelf but has not borrowed it yet. Check the online catalog and the location a little later.
  • The book has been misplaced. Look around the immediate vicinity of where the book should be.

How do I make purchasing suggestions?

As a registered user of the University Library Mainz, you may also make suggestions for purchases.