General Information

Our range of databases incorporates several hundred sources which you can search for literature and other information, regardless of whether the publications are available at the University Library Mainz or not. All our databases are indexed in the University Library Mainz's database information system (DBIS) portal. The DBIS is supported by the German Research Foundation.

The University Library Mainz bears the licensing costs for many major databases. This service means that all databases identified with the code are available for use within JOGUnet, the University of Mainz' network. Please also read the information on how to access our range of databases from outside the JOGUnet. Databases without this identifier, which are provided by way of a link, can be accessed freely over the internet.

In addition, other databases are available locally in the reading room at the Central Library, the Departmental Library for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry (PMC) or the SB II Departmental Library / U.S. Studies Library.

Some databases can be borrowed. You can find the relevant information and shelf-mark in the online catalog of the University Library Mainz.

Access from outside JOGUnet

Accessing our range of databases from outside JOGUnet, the University of Mainz' network:

If you are visiting our range of databases from outside the JOGUnet you can only search directly in the part of our extensive range that is freely accessible over the internet, because most of the databases are, for licensing reasons, only accessible within the university's network.

In the information center at the Central Library, you will find plenty of computer workstations where you can search all databases. Here, we will also gladly help you with any questions you may have on searching for and obtaining literature.

For those associated with the University of Mainz (students, professors and staff), the university's Center of Data Processing (ZDV) allows access to JOGUnet even from workstations outside the university. For more information, please refer to the ZDV's web pages (German version).