The University Library Mainz has concluded an agreement on e-book packages with several publishers, giving access to e-books either permanently or annually. In addition, a multitude of individual titles are purchased.

Each title is listed in the online catalog (use the extended search function).

  • all titles can be accessed campus-wide at any time
  • some packages limit the number of concurrent users
  • printing and/or saving full texts is permitted for the purpose of the user's own academic work; however, systematic downloading of entire books is not allowed


The University Library Mainz offers campus-wide access to a wide range of e-journal full texts.

  • Search via Electronic Journals Library: ALL licensed titles are sorted either by subject or alphabetically. In addition, a great number of freely accessible titles can be found there.
  • Search via online catalog (not included: titles of ProQuest Research Library database).


Our range of databases incorporates several hundred sources which you can search for literature and other information, regardless of whether the publications are available at the University Library Mainz or not. All our databases are indexed in the University Library Mainz's information system DBIS portal.

Conditions of Use

The following rules apply to all full texts:

  • You can only access full texts via computer workstations which are connected to the Mainz University campus network. Alternatively you can access full texts from personal computers which are logged into the campus network via VPN or Remote Desktop.
  • Printing and/or saving full texts is permitted only for the purpose of the user's own academic work.
  • Systematic downloading of articles or search results (especially through the use of automatic program runs such as robots) is not allowed.
  • It is not allowed to forward articles either electronically or as printout to third parties.
  • Please notice the tems of use as stated by the publishers and database providers on their websites before downloading content.