How do I register?

Anybody interested in scientific literature can borrow.
Registration for lending is online.
Remark: The borrower’s card of the central library is also valid at our library and at other local libraries.

Please come in person to the counter for lending and bring along the following:

  • The valid student card and identity card as students of the university.
  • Identity card and working contract (entry in the university prospectus is sufficient) for staffmembers.
  • Identity card or passport with confirmation of registration as not enrolled member of the university.

What can be borrowed?

Textbooks from the stock and the open-access area can be borrowed. In addition books from stacks of the central library can be ordered to the Medical Library. Books from the reading room as well as magazines cannot be borrowed.

You can find all electronic media in the online catalogue.

How long can I borrow books?

The loan period is 4 weeks. Thereafter the lending period for books cannot be extended.

Stocks from the open-acess area / magazines of the central library:
Students and non-students: 4 weeks, thereafter the lending period can be extended two times by each another 4 weeks, as long as no reservation has been made.
Co-worker: Until the end of the semester, as long as no reservations of other users have been made, possibly extensions can be made.

What fees arise?

Lending is free-of-charge. If the loan period is overdue, we charge a fee of 1,-- Euro per book and beginning week of the overdue time period.

Can I reserve books?

You can reserve borrowed books from the open access area and the magazine in the online catalogue. Select the requested title. Click „reserve“ and insert your library identification card number and your password. Reservations for textbooks are not possible.

Any questions?

The team of the Departmental Library for the University Medical Centre will be glad to help you:
Tel: 06131-17-2895