Library System

Dear University Library visitors,

The library system at the University Library Mainz consists of the

  • Central Library, which houses management and central functions and several specialized sections including the specialized section on French Studies, the U.S. Studies Library, the Departmental Library for the University Medical Centre and the Departmental Library for Translation, Linguistics and Cultural Studies,
  • four Departmental Libraries - the Departmental Library for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, the Departmental Library Georg Forster-Building, the Departmental Library for Catholic Theology and Protestant Theology and the Philosophicum Departmental Library - and
  • approximately 30 Faculty Libraries, which function as decentralized reference libraries.

You can find more information on the library system of the University Library Mainz in the "About Us" section under the menu item "The University Library" in the navigation menu. Using the left toolbar on this page, you can directly access the individual specialized sections, departmental libraries and faculty libraries.

Your Internet Team