Online Inter-Library Loans

The online inter-library loan service gives users the opportunity to search throughout Germany for literature not available at the University Library Mainz and to request it directly from another library on inter-library loan. The HeBIS Portal is the access point for online inter-library loans.

How do I sign up to use the online inter-library loan service?

You can sign up for the online inter-library loan service at the lending desk at the Central Library, the Specialized Library for Medicine and the Departmental Library for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

In order to place inter-library loan requests, you must ensure that you have sufficient credit in your inter-library loan fee account. Each request you place will then result in a deduction of 1.50 € from your credit.

How do I place an inter-library loan request?

To place a request, you must always first sign in to the HeBIS Portal using your local ID
(i.e. library card number and password for the University Library Mainz online catalog).

Search for the desired publication in the HeBIS Portal. If, after finding the title you are looking for, you click on "Request," the system will check whether or not the item you are looking for is available at the University Library Mainz. If we do not have a copy, the portal will give you the option of placing an inter-library loan request. You will be asked for your local password until the moment you send the inter-library loan request.

Fill out the search form.

On the right-hand side, under Catalogs/Databases, select "Germany."

Click on one of the Request buttons for a match.

If the book is not available at the University Library Mainz, click on "Request an Inter-library Loan."

If you require a copy of an article from a book or journal, enter the details for the article into the form which follows.

To finish, enter your local password.

If you cannot find the title you are looking for in the nationwide search, you can, under "Free Request", access a request form where you can enter your details. This request will then be sent to the University Library Mainz and processed further by us.

Free request (left frame at the bottom of the following page after an unsuccessful search)

How do I check the status of my requests?

Once you have logged into the HeBIS Portal, you can view your data in the inter-library loan system by going to "User Information." Enter your local password here. Then click on "View Your Information in the Inter-library Loan System." Under "Inter-library Loan Requests," you will find an overview of your inter-library loan requests and their current status. For more information on each individual request, please click on the title.

A green checkmark in the overview and/or the term "Ready to Send" in the full record does not necessarily mean that the items requested are already ready to be picked up.

You will be notified by e-mail as soon as the items you have requested arrive. If you are not sure whether we have your correct, up-to-date e-mail address, please check this for yourself in the online catalog (German version) under "User Account" > "Particulars" > "E-mail Address: Display and Change" and, if necessary, change the entry.

Only those users whose e-mail addresses we do not know will be informed by mail about the arrival of returnable inter-library loans.

I have forgotten my password.

For security reasons, please speak to the staff at the lending desk at the Central Library, the Departmental Library for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry (PMC) or the Departmental Library for the University Medical Centre. You will receive a new password if you present your library card and a photo ID.

Any more questions?

Do you still have questions? Then send us an e-mail at