Online User Account

How can I access my online user account?

You can access your user account via the online catalog.

To log in to your account, you will need:
Your library card number and your password

Note: Your default password is your date of birth
in the format: DDMMYY (example: 1/1/89 = 010189)

What services does the user account offer me?

There are different subpages within your user account:

Under "Items Borrowed"

  • you can see which items you have borrowed.
  • You can also extend lending periods (except where the lending period has already been exceeded or extended twice or where an item has been reserved by another user or is part of the library's textbook collection).

Under "Reservations" you can see which items you have reserved. Reservations can also be cancelled here.

Under "Particulars"

  • you can check your information in our system (mailing address etc.). (Any changes to this however can only be made by the library's lending staff.)
  • You can also enter, check or update your e-mail address.

It is important for your e-mail address to be up to date so that you can, for example, use our book reminder service (a reminder e-mail sent three days before the lending period expires).

Under "Debts" you can see if there are outstanding fees to be paid.

Under "Password" users can change their password.

In order to protect your information, we recommend you do the following:

  • You should change the default password as soon as possible (preferably when you first use your account) to a password of your own choice.
  • Close the "User Account" window after your session has finished.