Returning books – Extending the lending period – Fees

Where do I return the books I have borrowed?

You can return borrowed books to the lending desk at the Central Library, the Departmental Library for the University Medical Centre or the Departmental Library for Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

Please observe the following lending desk opening hours:

Central Library
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 6 pm


Where do I see when the lending period ends?

To see the end of the lending period for the books you have borrowed, please refer to your user account.

If you have entered an up-to-date E-Mail address in your user account, you can use our book reminder feature: three days before the lending period expires, we will send you a reminder e-mail.

Please note: The book must be returned on time even if you have not received a reminder e-mail (e.g. for technical reasons, because your e-mail address is no longer correct or your inbox is full. Late returns will incur fees.

How do I extend the lending period for the books borrowed?

There are two different ways of extending the lending period for borrowed items:

  • Via your user account on the online catalog, under the menu item "Borrowing." (Please note that the extension will apply for four weeks from the date the extension is made)
  • By telephone, quoting your library card number

Please be aware that, in certain instances, it may not be possible to extend the lending period (see next question).

Under what circumstances can the lending period not be extended?

The lending period cannot be extended if:

  • The lending period has been exceeded or has already been extended twice.
  • Another user has reserved the book.
  • The borrowed book is from the library's textbook collection.
  • The item has been borrowed on inter-library loan and the granting library does not allow the lending period to be extended.

When will fees be charged?

Fees will be charged if:

  • the lending period has expired. We will charge a late fee of 2 € per volume per week after the expiry of the lending period. For a weekend loan from a Reference library we will charge a late fee of 1 € per day. For more information, please refer to the University Library's user regulations.
  • you have lost your library card. A new card will cost 10 € (+ 5 € for the card itself)
  • you wish to use the inter-library loan facility.
  • you want to scan, print or photocopy material in the library.
  • you want to use the lockers. You´ll need a chip, which is available at the lending desk of the Central library for 5 €.

For an overview of outstanding fees, please go to the online catalog, click on the "User Account" - button and look under the menu item "Debts."

Please note that your user account will be blocked if you do not pay the outstanding fees within four weeks or if the fees amount to 20 € or more.

I have lost a book which I borrowed from the library.

Please report this to the lending desk immediately so that no late fees will be charged.

You have to pay the cost of purchasing a replacement item (plus 11 Euro administration fee per item).