Rules for using the computer workstations

The University Library allows users of computer workstations to:

  • Carry out research using the University Library's range of online information services
  • Access third-party websites.

Please observe the following:

  • The computer workstations are intended solely for academic work. Any commercial or recreational use or any use that violates German law is prohibited. Copyright restrictions must be observed. The library will not be liable for any copyright violations.
    Access to the internet will be logged where necessary for technical purposes, subject to data protection legislation. Where misuse is suspected, the University Library Mainz is entitled to take the necessary monitoring steps and forbid internet use on its premises. Where there is misuse, we reserve the right to initiate criminal proceedings.
  • We are not in any way responsible for the accuracy of your search results nor are we responsible for the content, availability or quality of third party websites accessed from our workstations.
  • We would like to remind you that data transferred over the internet is often transferred unsecured. Please bear this in mind if you are using services which request personal data, credit card information or passwords. We will not be held liable for damages caused to disks which users bring with them. We would like to ask users who discover damage to our machines to report it to the library staff.
  • We do not provide any guarantees in relation to the hardware or software provided or to the availability of the information and media accessible from these workstations.

Please observe the latest version of the user regulations for the Central Library of the University Library Mainz or the relevant Departmental Library within the University Library.